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Quick and easy. In just a few clicks you can get hold of your personal ticket to digitalBAU, or exchange your voucher for a one-day ticket.

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Buying a ticket in advance saves time and money. Tickets purchased in advance are cheaper than ones bought at the venue. And you save time, too. Registering is quick and after filling in a few details about yourself and your company, you have your ticket in your hand.

Attractive benefits with an online ticket:

  • Use your smartphone to buy your ticket or exchange a voucher for a ticket
  • No waiting times at the entrance to the event. Go straight into the exhibition. No need for a printed ticket.
  • Easy payment by credit card, Giropay or Paypal

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25 €

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70 €

Enter voucher codes online

Enter voucher codes online

Enter your voucher code to get a ticket online in advance. That way you avoid waiting times at the venue. Please note that vouchers codes can only be used online.

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Ticket management

Ticket management

Do you already have a ticket and want to manage it? Log in here for a range of options for ticket management, e.g. to get a print out of your ticket, or an invoice.

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Important information and notes:

  • Tickets are not transferrable and only valid in combination with a current identity document with photograph.
  • Tickets entitle holders to take part in the conference program at no extra cost and with no requirement to register.
  • When you buy a ticket online, you get your invoice by e-mail. Your ticket invoice is also available to you for download in your Messe München user account.
  • When you buy a ticket at the venue, your invoice will be sent to you by e-mail.

Important note for exhibitors and co-exhibitors

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