Innovation Parcours

Interactive experience: digital tools and technologies to touch and try out

Mobile innovation parcours: digital tools and technologies to touch and try out

The Innovation Parcours is organised in partnership with the Mittelstand-Digital Zentrum Handwerk and offers an interactive platform where you can experience digital technologies and innovations up close.
According to the motto "See, touch, try", you can experience digital technologies on the innovation course that will help you lead your craft business into the future. On the course, you can try out and test all the technologies yourself, supported by our experts! Together, we will identify innovative use cases for your business, e.g. to meet challenges such as labour shortages or absenteeism, to counteract material shortages or to improve business processes.

New digital tools and technologies make work in the company more efficient, provide support in the event of a shortage of skilled labour, scarcity of resources and new customer requirements and ensure long-term competitiveness.

But which tools are suitable for solving the challenges in your own company? It's best to simply try them out!

Discover 10 stations on the innovation parcours

The innovation parcours (hall 1, stand 341) consists of 10 themed stations. Each presents one or more digital tools.

Be inspired by the possibilities that new technologies offer for your trade business. Talk to us about current challenges and how you can make your business fit for the future. We look forward to meeting you!

Exoskeletons for better health

Have you ever put on an exoskeleton? See for yourself how exoskeletons can support you and your employees. The portable, lightweight "robot suits" help with heavy work and relieve the muscles that are most heavily used. This allows you to work more productively and protect your employees from physical strain - a real benefit in times of labour shortages.

3D printing of components and chocolate

Immerse yourself in the world of 3D printing! Find out how you can use 3D printers to produce not only customised components, but also creative products such as chocolate creations. This not only saves time, but also opens up new possibilities for product design in your craft business.
The 3D printing station not only offers you the opportunity to learn the basics of 3D printing. You will also gain an insight into how artificial intelligence (AI) is used for process monitoring and quality control. While you operate the demonstrator yourself, you will learn how AI optimises the printing process. You can first assess the quality of the print result yourself and then compare your assessment with that of the AI.

Virtual and augmented reality (VR/AR) for realistic planning

From virtual construction site inspections to augmented reality for maintenance work - VR/AR technology offers practical solutions to save time and resources. Experience how VR/AR can be used to repair a gas boiler without having to travel to the construction site or customer yourself.

Smart home technologies for greater convenience, security and energy efficiency

A must for tradespeople in the electrical installation and building services sector! Experience with our demonstrator how smart home technologies, equipped with sensors, not only increase living comfort, but also make your trade services more attractive. Focus on the future and impress your customers with intelligent solutions for their own four walls.

Hands-on IT security

The IT security case enables you to recreate company networks according to individual specifications and to model and test various IT security measures. In line with the motto "I don't just want to understand IT security, I want to experience it", you can actively immerse yourself in the world of IT security. We offer practical insights into the challenges of cyber security and show how companies can protect their digital assets. An interactive experience that not only informs, but also enables you to understand and implement IT security in a tangible and practical way.

Digital measurement (3D scan)

Here you have the unique opportunity to test laser scanning live and follow the analysis in real time. Experience how high-precision 3D scans can be used to create realistic models of your construction projects. We not only present the technology, but also enable you to actively participate and assess the quality of the recorded point clouds yourself. Sharpen your eye for detail and discover how digital surveying is revolutionising efficiency and accuracy in construction planning.

IoT demonstrators from ioT4H and

Take a look at various Internet-of-Things (IoT) demonstrators that are specifically tailored to the needs of the skilled trades. These connected solutions enable more efficient resource utilisation, predictive maintenance and improved customer communication. From an intelligent roof that automatically recognises and reports moisture ingress to automatic moisture detection in screed or stone. Come and visit us and see what is possible with IoT.

Robotics solutions for the skilled trades

Robots provide support for dangerous, physically demanding or monotonous work in the skilled trades, e.g. milling, grinding, polishing, sorting, packaging and documenting. In addition to increasing efficiency, they also offer an answer to the increasing shortage of labour. Find out how robots can be used in various trades and experience the future of body shell construction! Watch the rope robot laying bricks and marvel at how a painting robot "paints" the walls on site.

Construction equipment simulators for practical training

You have the opportunity to practise operating various construction equipment, machines and vehicles on the construction site using construction equipment simulators. The simulators are not only used to train individuals, but can also be used to train teams to solve tasks together. This interactive approach to training in the construction industry offers an innovative way of equipping future professionals with the skills required for the modern construction site.

Escape Room "Mission Standards: Save the dam!"

Another captivating experience on the innovation trail is the "Mission Standards" escape room. This is a fun way to learn how crucial innovative digital technologies and electronic standards are for solving current challenges. You are placed in a fictitious situation in which you have to save a dam with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, RFID and tracking/tracing technologies. This immersive approach allows you to experience the importance of these technologies first-hand while improving your skills in dealing with digital challenges.

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